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More vote of confidence for Rajagobal

If the fans gave approval to K Rajagobal retaining his position as Sarawak head coach yesterday, more good news comes knocking at the doors of Rajagobal late last night as the experienced coach has obtained another vote of confidence.

This time around, it comes from people holding great power over Sarawak football, and it is from none other than the Football Association of Sarawak (FAS) themselves, the employer of K Rajagobal.

According to its General Secretary Abdullah Julaihi, FAS has full faith in Rajagobal and there is no reason to panic just yet.  Abdullah also stated that it was too early for FAS to determine Rajagobal’s tactical approach and commitments as there is still many more games to come.

The huge vote of confidence further cements Rajagobal’s position as Sarawak head coach after a string of poor results were recorded recently.

Despite the vote of confidence however, Rajagobal will need to show some results when the Crocs play Kedah on 13th March as Kedah is considered equals to Sarawak in terms of quality.


SOURCEAstro Arena
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