The Crocs are set to have their final 20 players on 10th December.

Sarawak FA team manager Awang Mahyan was quoted by Utusan Borneo as saying that the final selection day would determine the players needed for the new season.

He elaborated that the coaches currently already have an idea of who would be selected, but would like to keep the names until the last day of selection to be sure if they are making the right choice.

Mahyan also added that the list of players selected would be made known by the Football Association of Sarawak (FAS) president Posa Majais.

Sarawak FA decided to overhaul their team in full for the 2019 season after they had one of the worst seasons in 2018.

Local coach Pengiran Bala was announced as the new head coach and the search for new players was made through a closed door selection.

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