Pengiran Bala has been announced as the new head coach for Sarawak FA, quashing rumours that the hot seat would go to Jalil Rambi or Raja Isa.

The announcement was confirmed by the Football Association of Sarawak (FAS) today reported Utusan Borneo.

According to the daily, Pengiran Bala would be assisted by Safri Amit and Mohamad Denny Da’ail.

Legendary Awang Mahyan Awang Mohamed was also announced as the advisor to the team with Datuk Ed Sullaiman Ahmad made the team manager.

The appointment of Bala makes it his third stint as the head coach of Sarawak FA.

The former Sarawak FA player took over as care-taker of the team during mid-2017 season, and was also asked to step in as head coach in 2015.

Personally we love Bala’s tactical ability, but he does have his work cut out for the 2019 season as the new head coach.

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  1. Alangkah indah kalau yg lain..safri..Roslan ismail…ali sapiee..ramos..ibrahim mntali..mun dah jalil tek xpat d ikat..PB tuk kita dh ngga mcm ni taktikal nya sblm tok..hmmmmm..bkn nk nganok rasa xda nampak prubahn

  2. Congratulation Coach Pengiran Bala… Look Forward for the New Season with new chapter & spirit… Ngap Sayot!! What ever happen, always support Sarawak football team⚽⚽⚽💪💪💪💪

  3. hentam jk laa.. ermmmm. time d liga super dlok ngelak gugok ke liga perdana. jgn jk battle for relegation ngelak gugok ke liga Fam lgk. apa pun congratulations la

    • Muhammad Nur Syahmi Syazwan Sidak ada Lesen A tuan. Mun x silap saiya …Pengiran Bala, Lucas Kalang, Wahed Uji, Hazry Abdullah,Jalil Ramblee, David Usop..SIDAK. gak Ada Lesen Kelas A untuk Jadi Jurulatih Liga Perdana & Liga Super.. Mun nak ambik Coach Luar Gaji Mahal Tuan.. Lagu pun Syarikat- Syarikat Swasta diSarawak X maok gilak nak Sponsor… Yalah X mampu nak Import Coach Luar…

  4. Jurulatih swk dah tau, lepas ini siapakah permain utk team swk 2019? Adakah permain tempatan yg bermain tahun ini, masih dikekalkan?? Apakah team swk guna permain import 2019????

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