Despite rumours that Sarawak FA will not sign a foreign player when the transfer window opens, a source has informed us that one of their players, Milos Raickovic would sign a contract with the Liga Super side.

Milos, a midfielder, hails from Montenegro and is 23 years old. According to a video spotted online (seen below) , he is said to feature prominently in the youth team of the country.

Before his said move to Sarawak FA, he previously played with Montenegro First Division, Buducnost Podgorica.

The Football Association of Sarawak (FAS) nonetheless has not confirmed the transfer at this moment, but two players, namely Mark Hartmann and Lee Jong-Ho have been rumoured to be on their way out of the team.

Their exit from the Crocs, though not confirmed just yet, have increased in speculation after both players were not featured in the starting line-up of the team in recent games.

It is further understood that Mateo Roskam and Damerson’s positions in th team is also under threat as the management of the Crocs look into bolstering their team during the long mid-season break.

It is also no secret that Sarawak FA head coach David Usop is looking to bolster his midfield, which has been one of the main cause of the poor run in the Liga Super.

Sarawak FA are currently second last in the Liga Super and the Crocs are desperate to start collecting points to ensure their Liga Super survival.



  1. Mun d diat coraknya main lebeh kurang kdak mark.. Bukan masalah player import.. Tukar player import pun mun cara coach sarawak melatih dan taktikal xda perubahan.. Sama juak.. Abis duit oii.. Coach patut d out lok..

  2. Ambiklah sapa pun mun coach sik ada kreativiti team tetap cm,ya juak. Tangar dolok awg mahyan.local jak player pun boleh fight.# david usop out.

  3. Utk pengetahuan admin kita tukar player cantik mn pun utk bermain dlm tim s’wak selagi taktikal kita lemah tak guna juga nak tukar player tukarlah dgn coach sekali ambik la coach yg berkaliber jgn ambik coach cam ayam

  4. Kalau takut nak keluar duit lbh..jgn hrp nak bawa permain import &jurulatih bertaraf bintang…
    Kalau ambil permain import yg tk ada klas…lbh baik tk pyh!

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