It is Kuching’s maiden match in the Liga Malaysia this season and they are playing in the qualifying round of the Piala FA.

Kuching has been drumming for support in their 2019 campaign and today’s game starts it all.

Here’s a brief preview of the match.


Kuching and the Armed Forces had never met competitivly. This is the first competitive game between both teams.


Kuching’s head coach Ideris Untong will likely play plenty of his new players which he obtained from Sarawak FA.

We expect the likes of Joseph Kalang, Dzulazlan Ibrahim, Hairol Mokhtar, Iqbal Suhaimi and the rest to start.

Import player Yuta Suzuki should also make his debut for Kuching today.


All eyes would be on Joseph as many would want to see if he is still capable of producing the magic he used to show when he was playing with Sarawak FA.


Kuching should have no problem winning this, but the Armed Forces are known to be hardworking and very fit. This trait may pose serious problems for Kuching if they can’t dictate the pace of the game.

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