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New man preparing for huge move and wind of change

Sarawak’s new coach K Rajagobal is set to take over the helm of Sarawak’s senior squad from interim coach David Usop this coming December 1st.

According to our sources, Rajagobal’s term as the new coach for Sarawak will start on December 1st, regardless of if Sarawak advances into the semi finals of the on-going Malaysia Cup campaign.

As preparation to helm the hot seat at Stadium Negeri, Rajagobal was seen spending time shopping for his ‘Sarawak’ attire at local sports store Lea Sports Centre, with the coach also trying on the 2015 Sarawak football kit.

Huge changes are expected to ring once Rajagobal takes over from David Usop as rumours are going wild on social media that Sarawak will sign several huge names from the local football scene to beef up their squad for next season.

Nonetheless, shall Sarawak do advance to the semi finals of the Malaysia Cup, it is not known if Rajagobal would take charged of the current squad, or leave David Usop in charge until the competition is over.

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