Perhaps it was just meant to be. Sarawak FA has been relegated to the Liga Premier with not a single live telecast broadcasted from Stadium Negeri in Kuching.

But there was a decent number of live telecast for the Sarawak FA team when playing in West Malaysia.

At the start of the season, hope was that the team, famously known as the Crocs would get a few live telecast from their home grown, said to be the ‘Sarawak FA live telecast quota’ by fans as it was said that the distribution of TV telecast was fair.

The hope enhanced further when the Crown Prince Of Johor (TMJ) Tunku Ismail was elected as the new president, as reports suggest that he would be looking into why Sarawak didn’t have any live telecast.

Nonetheless, up until last Saturday, the last game of the season, no live telecast was made from Kuching, despite of course the fact that the match against T-Team FC was one of the most important.

Further north, Sabah FA, who plays in the Liga Premier, the second tier football league in Malaysia, realistically never stood a chance to have a live telecast from Likas.

With Sarawak now also in the Liga Premier, it is very unlikely the Crocs, and the Rhinos (Sabah) would get any TV time next season, and hence giving fans every reason to go to the stadium and beef up their dismal home attendance.



  1. sarawak besar bah..kenak x polah liga borneo..ambik team dari sabah brunei,timor leste dan kalimantan indonesia masuk..belanja nang besarlah..tapi puas hati nangar dari main liga malaysia yang berat sebelah dari zaman awang mahyan dolok marek..

  2. The government of SARAWAK should start their own Sarawak TV channels and to be accessed by all sarawakians all over the country! Why everything have to “mengemis minta belas kasihan” to Malaya!?

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