With the Liga Super drawing to a close, every attention now is drawn to one match because it is the single most important match which will decide the future of three teams in the league.

While in most cases, a match to determine the league champions would be an exciting affair, JDT FC basically robbed the Liga Super of such excitement after they were crowned Liga Super Champions for the fourth time with three matches in hand.  The fourth consecutive league title by JDT only proves that the club is just in its own class, ahead of the other 11 teams in the Liga Super at the moment.

That said, the single most important match on the final day of the Liga Super this season will be happening at 9PM in Stadium Negeri Kuching, with home side Sarawak FA entertaining T-Team FC.

The match is significantly important because the results in this particular Liga Super match would affect the survival of three teams in the league, with each one having a chance to either avoid relegation.  The three teams are T-Team, Sarawak and Kelantan FA.

Liga Super GW21
The standings of the Liga Super after GW21

A stalemate in Stadium Negeri would see a widened opportunity for Kelantan to climb out of the relegation zone, with Sarawak being the one relegated.

However, shall any one of the team at Stadium Negeri wins the match, they would save themselves from relegation, with Kelantan only able to remove themselves from the relegation zone if they themselves secure a massive win.

Either way, if you are looking for excitement and urgency to win, head on to Stadium Negeri this Saturday the 28th, because it is indeed a do-or-die battle for both teams, while the rest of the Liga Super matches are pretty much just to complete the schedule.



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