Three Sarawak FA players namely Joseph Kalang, Gabor Gyepes and Junior Eldstal had the privilege of being featured on football talk show Football Overload on Astro Supersports tonight.

During the hour long show, the boys showed how close they were as a team with all three of them throwing jokes at each other, while competing at games such as charade, the hot seat, arm wrestling, guest the voice and more.

The host of the show also managed to uncover that Gabor loves Japanese food, with Gabor being the strongest among the three at arm wrestling.

Despite being the most reserved, Joseph was beaming with confidence when he said he wanted to play as himself if given any chance to be another football player.

Gabor on the other hand revealed that he was previously a tennis player, with Junior saying that his current girlfriend as an ideal girl for him.

When asked to comment on Sarawak’s current form, Gabor revealed that he feels the team is picking their pace, with Junior giving full praise to the “amazing Sarawak fans”.

At the end of the show, Junior revealed that the biggest prank they ever played to their team mates was with Sarawak’s latest striker Aliredza Abbasfard, with Junior further stating that Joseph is one of the best players he ever played with so far.

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