The Football Malaysia Limited Liability Partnership (FMLLP) today announced that Sarawak FA, together with Pulau Pinang FA and Felda United, will be relegated to the Liga Premier next season.

Another team, T-Team FC was also moved to the Liga Premier due to the request from their state football association.

The announcement was made during a brief press conference by FMLLP CEO, Kevin Ramalingam.

Both Pulau Pinang andย  Sarawak had already been relegated after finishing as the bottom two teams in this season’s Liga Super.

Another Liga Super team which found themselves demoted was Felda United. However, unlike Sarawak and Pulau Pinang, Felda was sent to the Liga Premier after failing to obtain the all important club license made compulsory for Liga Super teams in 2018.

Filling in the void left by Felda United, Sarawak FA, Pulau Pinang and T-Team would be PKNP FC and Negeri Sembilan FA.

Previously, FAS has been hopeful that the Crocs would stay in the Liga Super following a few technical issues plaguing teams currently supposed to play in the Liga Super.ย  The news will surely be a sad end to all the hope FAS had to remain in the Liga Super next season.



  1. Not surprise. As expected. Just quite lucky for them not to be relegated 2 year ago. Lesson learned. They should get Annabelle for international slot or Mak lampir to fill in the asian player slot to play with sarawak…since the management got many hantu, why not do the same for players line up?

  2. Bagus bermula d premier league.
    Gaji banyak masih tertunggak.
    Sarawak banyak syarikat besar seperti shin yang ,hock seng Lee, Ibraco ,Naim,SEB ,Rimbunan Group,TA ANN ,Musyati ,Lea Sport ,Musyati ,SARAWAK Dockyard ,Titanium ,MAFRICA GROUP dan lain lain ,,,,,

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