Sarawak Football Association (FAS) Secretary General, Mr Abdullah Bin Julaihi yesterday helped clear the air over what many have deemed as ‘not so special’ season tickets.

In a brief 20 minute conversation with, Abdullah explained that FAS is trying their best to learn as the club progresses, and that ticketing is one huge area which they are looking at to improve in the future.

Abdullah further admitted that there were slight misunderstandings among fans about the season tickets, and the club administration is looking into providing more information on the issue to fans to ensure no more misunderstanding arises.

According to Abdullah, fans buying the season passes would benefit in a long run as the season progresses, hence clarifying that these season holders would eventually benefit shall Sarawak progress further in the many competitions played at Stadium Negeri.

He further said “FAS will increase price of tickets during ‘hot games’ such as the quarter finals, or semi finals of a cup games involving Sarawak, but this would not affect season ticket holders whom would be given a ticket regardless of the price at no additional cost“.

“Fans with season passes would also be allowed to watch any friendly games, including international friendlies (which FAS plans to have) this season, and this includes friendly games which are played during the season break, or during the season”.

Apart from that, Abdullah also quipped that there were many plans by FAS to improve ticketing, especially when it comes to the season ticket holders. However, with FAM controlling the printing and distribution of all Malaysian league tickets, nothing much could be done or improved.

The explanations given by Abdullah would most certainly enlightened loyal fans who would be relishing every opportunity to watch their favorite team play.


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