Malaysians of all walks of life have made a bee line for tickets at the Stadium Bukit Jalil with some already there since 10PM last night.

The line was so long that it was said that the queue had surrounded the 87,000 seater stadium.

It was reported that some 80,000 tickets are sold for the match with those allocated for online sales snapped up within 30 minutes.

In a WhatsApp forwarded to us this morning, Football Association Malaysia (FAM) was quoted as saying that fans are discouraged from going to Bukit Jalil to buy tickets this morning as there is fear there isn’t enough tickets to be sold.

It is understood only 40,000 tickets are available for physical sales with the rest sold online.

FAM had also said that due to the situation, they would start ticket sales earlier than planned and is waiting for the police force to come before doing so.

Malaysia would meet Vietnam in the first leg of the AFF Suzuki Cup this 11th December, before flying to Vietnam to play the second leg finals in Vietnam.

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