The Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) has confirmed that all matches played from Wednesdays onward for the Malaysia Cup would observed a ‘One Minute of Silence’ after the Malaysian national anthem is played, as a sign of mourning towards the MH17 and MH370 incidents, as well as the suffering endured by the people of Palestine in Gaza.

A statement by FAM on their official Facebook account said that “players, supporters and officials will be requested to remain standing after the end of the national anthem, “NegaraKu” for the minute of silence.”

Despite that however, FAM has not indicated if any matches involving the Malaysia Cup would be rescheduled, hence putting all matches during the Malaysia Cup as previously scheduled by the football national governing body.

Sarawak is scheduled to meet Terengganu this Thursday, but several unofficial sources have been quoted as saying that the game will be postponed due to the ‘national mourning day’ which is scheduled to happen on the same day.


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