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Crocs defensive problems remain despite new addition

It seems that the Crocs have yet to find a cure to their leaking defenses after they allowed five goals in from two matches.

Fans had blamed Davide Grassi’s performance for the poor defensive record early this year, leading to the termination of his contract in June, and a replacement player, Teah Baysah Dennis from Liberia, was signed.

The Liberian international defender was well hyped by some Sarawak football related pages, but the hype seems to have yet to live up to expectations with the Crocs leaking five goals in the span of four days.

It would nonetheless be unfair to blame Teah alone for the poor defensive record to date as the Sarawak defenders also consist of three or four other players, mostly long servants of the Crocs.

Several football observers have long commented that Sarawak’s ageing back four is something the Crocs should look into, but fans of the Crocs, being Sarawakians at large, do not want to admit this, given the fact that they defenders are made up of local Sarawakians and long serving local imports.

With the Piala Malaysia and Liga Super however fast catching pace, Sarawak head coach, David Usop will need to find an immediate solution to his leaky defense, and this includes trying new formations and adopting new tactical approaches to secure the backline.

Else, David might have to endure a season of miss chances give the fact that the Crocs will struggle to win valuable points from any games they play.



  1. I’m having different perspective.if midfield is not functioning (bossing the game), then it would stretch the defence.

    whatever it is, please give chance to Sarawakian.

    Dlm government agencies, Malayan jadi boss.
    Dlm oil & gas, Malayan jadi boss

    Sikkan football pun nak brik sidak Malaya main

  2. Bukan masalah david grasie atau teah dennis. Tapi yg perlu tukar defend kiri dan kanan sarawak. Ramesh lai, dzulazlan dan sharol saperi boleh out ganti pemain lain.

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