Sarawak FA team manager has made a public appeal to the Sarawak Sports Council (PSS), urging them to repair the flood lights at Stadium Negeri.

His appeal came after it was reported that Sarawak FA is set to play their supposedly home game in Johor next 22nd May.

According to Mahyan, his team has no choice to play at another stadium as all matches during the month of Ramadhan would be played at night.

Mahyan also reiterated that PSS had a responsibility to fix the flood lights at Stadium Negeri, while at the same time was quoted by Utusan Borneo as saying that playing at Stadium Sarawak was out of the question.

The former Sarawak coach said that the field in Stadium Sarawak was not suitable for football at the moment as it is damaged, and hence the decision to shift the game entirely to Johor.

Mahyan also admitted that Sarawak FA had to spend a lot of money when playing away, and they could also shift the game against UiTM FC if the flood lights are not fixed.