After the Sarawak FA team manager, Awang Mahyan appealed that flood lights at Stadium Negeri be rectified, I cant help wonder why the lights were not fixed by the Football Association of Sarawak (FAS) themselves.

If you follow the story closely, you would know that FAS has pointed out on numerous occasions that the Sarawak Sports Council (PSS) or the Sarawak Stadium Council is responsible for maintaining Stadium Negeri.

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With that in mind, FAS is putting a lot of hope towards PSS maintaining the stadium.


Now, the interesting thing is that FAS had in recent months, moved their office to Stadium Negeri.

In fact, FAS is the main user of the stadium, using the field almost on a weekly if not daily basis for their matches and training.

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The extend of use for the stadium saw FAS renovating several things in the stadium to fit their needs, like creating a special lounge for premium fans and improving the dressing room for their side, Sarawak FA.

While we are not sure who funded the upgrade works, we are very sure that the upgrades were done for FAS and not for PSS.


This now brings us to the floodlight issue. According to Malaysia Football League (Formerly known as FMLLP), teams participating in the Malaysia League has an obligation to make sure their home venue is up to the standards set by MFL.

This indirectly puts FAS, or rather Sarawak FA in the spotlight as they are the team participating in the Malaysian League.

However, FAS was quick to point out that they did not own the stadium, and that the owner should be responsible. The owner was later identified as Perbadanan Stadium Negeri, and today PSS by Sarawak FA team manager Awang Mahyan.

The issue has been around since the fixtures of the Liga Premier were announced, but it is now close to June and nothing has been done.


For us, outsiders to the world of FAS and PSS, all these finger pointing between FAS and PSS has everything to do with money.

PSS to us, feels that it doesn’t need to come up with the expenditure to fix the lights as they don’t actually need such bright lights to host events at Stadium Negeri.

Concerts, sporting events and even local football matches rarely use such bright lights. So upgrading would be a waste of funds on their end as they could use the funds to repair other things, or other stadiums they manage.

FAS on the other hand, may feel that they shouldn’t be installing such expensive lights, thinking that these lights would also be used by other events which rent out Stadium Negeri through PSS.

So it’s really a pickle for both sides, especially since funding isn’t easy to get.


Now, here is where things get interesting. As you all know, Awang Mahyan today said that his team would have to play their home games away from Stadium Negeri as the Stadium Negeri Lights had not been repaired.

He claimed that the travel cost alone is high, and Sarawak FA is at the losing end monetarily.

He speaks the truth as bringing a 20-men team to West Malaysia by AirAsia could easily cost around RM6,000, assuming the Crocs bought the cheapest flights available.

Hotel and transportation cost at the destination would eventually add up to around RM10,000. This means the rough total estimate for one travel by the Sarawak team could be close to RM16,000, of course assuming they stay for only one night. – This is the best case scenario.

But most of the time, teams stay longer and flights aren’t at their cheapest for those travelling in groups like the team.

This now brings to question of how much fixing the flood lights would cost.Β  This is actually the main question.

Would RM36K be enough to fix the lights, or are we talking about millions?

We aren’t lighting experts and we don’t know what lights is used in the stadium.

However, on AliExpress, TWO piece of a 40,000 lumens, 500W would cost about RM4,000 eachΒ (USD1,004). – Again, we say we are not lighting experts, so we do not know if these lights would be proper to use.

But lets just say those lights we found are suitable, and installation would cost some RM2K, it does make perfect sense to actually install these lights to save on constantly forking money to for travels?

But then again, it all depends on how deep is the pockets of FAS and PSS.


As we said before, the finger pointing by both FAS and PSS is likely due to monetary issues.

That said, we humbly hope that both FAS and PSS would deliberate over the matter, and come up with a solution that will eventually get the light fixed. This will end the lighting woes at Stadium Negeri.

If it’s too much for one side to compromise, then share the responsibility because if both sides doen’t want to give in, it only prolongs the matter, and tarnishes the images both sides.


  1. Sometimes i feel no matter how many times we change management, the same thing will happen all over again. Corruption? Lack of professionalism? πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈπŸ€” #justsaying

  2. apa yang lebih baik?..gugur kn pemain import yg tak berkualiti dan guna dana tersebut utk membaiki lampu stadium atau mendapatkn pemain import baru yg tak pasti kualitinya?

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