Sarawak United no more?

Sarawak United Football Club, the team which started as a replacement to Sarawak FA has decided to ‘blacken’ their logo.

On Facebook, the team has discoloured all its logo without any statement, prompting many to believe that the club has decided it is time to say ‘goodbye’.

The change can be seen below.

The move has sparked mixed feelings from fans and followers of the page with some saying Sarawak needs more time to have a profesional football club, while others seen to demand payment which they claim to be overdue.

Some of the responses can be seen below.

For the record, Sarawak United came into the Malaysian football scene after the club was bought over, and then rebranded from what used to be known as Selangor United FC.

It was then said to be the replacement of the now defunct Sarawak FA.

The club gained promotion to the Liga Super during its peak, but fell to the Liga M3 within its short life span, with the club riddled with rumours of salary issues.

Last season, the team struggled in the Liga M3, and was not part of the 2024 season whick kicked off in May 2024.

With no official statement from the club in regards to the blacken logo, speculations remain about the fate and future of what the owners of the club claim to be the ‘representative of Sarawak’ in Malaysian football.

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