The Crocs will be heading to Indonesia to prepare for their Malaysia Cup campaign.

According to a statement by the Football Association of Sarawak (FAS), the Crocs would go to the country to play several top Indonesian sides to ensure they remain fit for the most exclusive cup in Malaysian football.

The Crocs are expected to travel to Indonesia on the 17th of July with Robert Alberts confirming the departure in a local daily.

According to Robert, the Crocs wanted to play their pre-Malaysia Cup friendlies in Vietnam, but technical problems came up, forcing them to revert to teams in Indonesia instead.

The schedule of the Crocs at Indonesia will be as follows:
20 July 2014: Persib Bandung vs Sarawak FA (Siliwangi Stadium)
23 July 2014: Persebaya Surabaya vs Sarawak FA (Jatidiri Stadium)
25 July 2014: PSIS Semarang vs Sarawak FA (Jatidiri Stadium)

This is not the first time Sarawak travel to Indonesia for preparation of their tournament with the Crocs playing their pre-season also at the country.


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