Rumours are growing strong that Sarawak FA and Mark Hartmann are no more in an item. 

The English – Filipino Mark Hartmann arrived at Stadium Negeri early this year and became an instant hit with fans of the Crocs as he scored some quality goals from dead ball situations, as well as on the field. 

However, cracks in Mark’s relationship with the Crocs started showing when he was left out of the starting line up on several key Sarawak FA matches, prompting fans to speculate that he is likely to be released when the June transfer window opened. 

The confirmed arrival of midfielder Milos Raickovic has also further fueled speculations of the release of Mark, although Milos will only be signed if he passes a medical. 

Now, with the transfer window already wide open, Mark has been reported to be absent from training although no official word has been revealed justbyet by the management of the Crocs. 

Efforts by SarawakCrocs to reach the hardworking striker have also failed so far.



  1. Da msalh dalamn team skrg.. strugle team mok up.. semua import ok dlm pmerhatian sya.. haha mcm lah kmk tok admin.. cari imprt yg bnr2 berkualiti.. cari sdk thailand.. indon ka..

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