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MSL: Sarawak FA 1 – 1 Selangor FA [UPDATED]

A re-born Sarawak side gave their all tonight and held the mighty Red Giants at Stadium Negeri, disappointing over 300 UltraSel fans who came all the way from Selangor to see their team win.  The Crocs went behind after Andik Vermansyah’s solo effort saw him put the ball in the net, but Neyma Patrick Gerthard made unselfish Joseph Kallang’s pass in the box count, to equalize.

The Crocs showed much urgency in the game with Sarawak pressing for an early goal in the first few minutes, earning themselves an early corner kick which lead no where.

Sarawak doubled their effirt but a free kick by the Crocs soon after was wasted.

Selangor replied in the 12th minute counter attack but the Red Giants volley through Guilherme de Paula Lucrécio was tipped out for a fruitless corner.

Sarawak continued their good game play with Patrick Gerthardt heading wide a long throw from Ronny Harun, while a fast one-two exchange between Ivan Fatic and Billy Mehmet in the 23rd minute saw Ivan’s shot pushed out by an acrobatic save by Norazlan Razali.

Another effort by Sarawak in the 29th minute also changed the score board after Billy’s cross to awaiting Ryan Griffith saw the later miss the target by inches. Ryan again saw his header fail to make a difference after Norazlan pushed out a powerful header which seemed like a certain goal.

The defending visiting side finally got a break from the Crocs’s heavy seige with a long pass landing perfectly at Andik’s feet who was waiting at the middle of the picth. Andik wasted no time to dribble his way towards Iqbal Suhaimi who was manning the Crocs’s goal and overwhelemed Ronny Harun before unleashing the first goal of the match.

Sarawak replied with a free kick from Ryan, but Norazlan showed safe hands for the Red Giants.

In the second half the Crocs tried to continue their pressure on the Red Giants but poor passing and tirednes seemed to have slowed their pace.

Selangor almost made it 2-0 in the 54th minute, but Patrick saved the day before ball crossed the line.

Billy had his powerful effort on goal denied by Norazlan again in the 60th minute with Fuad substituting Dzulazlan Ibrahim for Shreen Tambi.

The change saw more energy pumped in the Sarawak side with the Crocs looking more refreshed.

In the 76th minute, Sarawak’s countless efforts on goal was finally rewarded when Patrick floored in a pass from Joseph to equalize fro the home side.

With confidence much regained, the Crocs inched their way closer to the Selangor goal for the winning goal but found Norazlan difficult to defeat. Fuad also took out Ivan Fatic for Mazwandy Zekeria, but the score line remained.

Before the final whistle, Fuad Grbersic gave youngster Nor Syamie Iszuan his debut by taking out tired Joseph Kalang Tie, but Syamie’s inclusion also failed to change the score with both teams sharing the spoils at the final whistle.

Final Score: Sarawak FA 1 – Selangor FA 1

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