Bintulu FA U-25 secured a 2-1 win during a recent friendly match against PP MSNS Miri.

The side coached by Mohd Farhan Bin Abdullah @ Anai Igang went on the attack from the start of the game, giving the visiting side plenty of problems. The Bintulu side showcased good passing and forced the visiting Miri side to create errors which disrupted their game flow, hence allowing Bintulu to manipulate play.

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The use of the artificial pitch also cased the Miri side to look a bit awkward as the ball bounced more and moved faster.

In the 33rd minute, Nadzrul Abdul Samad broke the deadlock in the game to put the home side ahead before Daineleffino Aiho equalized for PP MSNS Miri in the 65th minute.

As the game looked into ending as a stalemate, Aldriedge Dato slotted in the winning goal for Bintulu to ensure the home side went home victors.

At the end of the game, coach Hakimi Man of PP MSNS Miri told us that he is happy with the performance of this team and the experience from the match would be invaluable to his team in the future.


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