Sarawak FA’s tall defender, Bruno Demerson might be asked to play at the center when the Crocs take on Terengganu FA this Friday at Stadium Negeri.

According to a report by the Borneo Post, Sarawak FA head coach, David Usop believes that the Brazilian is showing a lot of potential as a midfielder, and his current injuries woes might see him ask Demerson to slot into the position.

David was reported to have said that Demerson was already playing in the midfield against Perak last week, and he was happy with what Demerson did for the Crocs in that game.

Nonetheless, David also admitted that he is still monitoring Demerson’s progress as a midfielder, but added that it is likely Demerson would be playing his new position this Friday.

Sarawak FA take on Terengganu FA in the Quarter finals this Friday at Stadium Negeri. Tickets for the match which begins at 8:15PM, is already selling like hot cakes.



  1. semua bolehhhh…even goalkeeper u put as defender no problem,wat different does it make? If our strickers still the same.The same thing..mun kita nak elak traffic jem di sesuatu kawasan,no matter how many lane of road u built ifffff..u cannot solve the roundabout.So this roundabout will become the abstacle.So the same apply to FAS,the obstcle of FAS is PRESIDEN need to step down..ok

    • Bro..i think u know better then me about the very influencial n respect candidates in sarawak.Our country is so big.I love my team sarawak since Awg Mahyan as a couch until Dato sudarsono.And more proud when swk appoint DU as a coach n giving way to those locals.I tell u bro if we fail to keep our team in MSL next year,i feel vry sad.So the way is to spend money to rplace a very skilful 2 strickers.I don want west malaysian team laugh n smile of our failure.Sarawak in only reprntive BOENEO ISLND

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