The Crocs have part ways with Lee Jung-Ho though no official announcement has been made by the Football Association of Sarawak (FAS). 

A source however confirmed with us about Jung Ho’s departure with and that the player had ceased joining the Crocs for training. 

Midfield playing Jung-Ho had only found the net once for the Crocs this season, but had a high work rate in the field. 

The Korean however was noted to have difficulties adapting to the game play at Stadium Negeri, and soon found himself sidelined from the starting line-up in April. 

With the Crocs signing Milos Raickovic, a defensive midfielder this week, Jung-Ho’s fate at Stadium Negeri was sealed as it is very unlikely for the team coached by David Usop,  was keeping two foreign midfielders. 

The confirmation of Sahil Suhaimi’s signing yesterday furthur confirmed that Jung-Ho is no more in David Usop’s plans, and had been released. 

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  1. Sudah dibilang awal tahun yaa.. make sure before taking any import players make sure menar2 bha.. tiap2 tahun open window jk terus tukar..degil DU tok.. tok next year jgn tukar2..mun import bgus kekal jak..

  2. Kalau second round pun maseh tak meningkat kedudukan Sarawak, David Usop pula dgn sukacitanya mengundurkan diri… Tiada alasan lagi… raja Gopal belum sempat habis 1st round, sudah kena kick… Tgok cara Raja Gopal kndali latihan sungguh serious dan tektikal cantik… Cuma pmain yg Blum dpt serasi dgn tektik Raja

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