A source has informed us that another foreign midfielder would likely don the colours of Sarawak FA.

According to the source, the player holds an Asian passport, and plays as an attacking midfielder.

The name of the player were not revealed to us when at writing time, but it is understood that the player will be also signed if he passed his medical.

The Football Association of Sarawak (FAS) has so far not confirmed any of the transfer rumours surrounding their team Sarawak FA, but it is no secret that the Crocs are in dire need of better creative sparks in the middle.

Signing two foreign midfielders when the June transfer window opens this 15 May might save the Crocs from relegation as analyst claim that the team lacks creativity in the midfield, hence causing them to be unable to score.

With the arrival of new foreign players, the position of four current foreign players, namely Mark Hartmann, Demerson Bruno, Mateo Roskam and Lee Jung-Ho is under threat.



  1. David Usop patut letak jawatan atau dipecat kerana kedudukan Sarawak tidak berubah. Ambil pemain baru pun tak guna kalau taktikal jurulatih sama.

  2. Semua buang lah ayoo player pun tak best hahahaha kalah ngan ganu penalti pun tak lepas lawak2 player srwk and coaching……BANGA…..hahahaha

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