Zlatan Ibrahimovic will move to Manchester United only if Van Gaal leaves.

The PSG striker which is feared for his huge appearance, super skills and amazing ball control, will be free at the end of this season. PSG is said to have decided to not renew his contract hence making his future uncertain.

According to his Ibrahimovic’s agent, there are clubs from the English Premier League and Mainland China showing interest but there has yet to be any form of confirmation to date.

In his autobiography, Ibrahimovic did mentioned during his time with Ajax, under Ronald Koeman, a time when Van Gaal was also the technical director of Ajax, that he dislike the way Van Gaal’s works.

This statement makes it rather clear that Ibrahimovic would go Manchester United only if the Dutchman leaves.

Manchester United have only scored 39 goals this season, sitting at 5th place, with 4 points away from Champions League qualification and are in dire need of a striker.

Ibrahimovic does look like a fitting bill for the Red Devils but with Van Gaal still around, he might just be moving elsewhere.

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