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Transfer: Sarawak likely to drop all foreign players

Sarawak might show all their current foreign players the door as K. Rajagobal takes over today. While sources close to us have claimed that Billy Mehmet is likely to be retained, the prospect looks a little bit difficult considering Rajagobal has been said to be less impressed with what he saw during the Malaysia Cup.

Ryan Griffith somewhat showed his fate with the Crocs is sealed after he tweeted his appreciation for his time with Sarawak, hence adding to speculation that Ryan’s contract would not be renewed. His place is open for grabs with rumours of Thai based strikers coming in as replacement. A close source to SarawakCrocs has also confirmed that Ryan would not be extending his contract.

Patrick Gerthardt, despite his formidable performance in the Malaysia Cup might likely see the axe as well following his inconsistency in the Super League. The Liberian international, formerly employed by former coach Robert Alberts as a defender, found himself struggling to bolster the Crocs defences, but made headlines as an attacking midfielder under David Usop.

Ivan Fatic seems also likely to be released with the tall lanky player hardly making the news. His inconsistent performance has however been the talk of the fans, but it is highly expected that Rajagobal would not be seeking to extend Ivan’s contract with the team.

With all four foreign players likely exiting Sarawak, the slots for the key positions would mostly be hotly contested.

Familiar names such as Muamer Salibasic, Gabor Gyepes and former Kelantan player Gilmar da Silva have been linked to Sarawak, but nothing concrete has been revealed so far. Aside from that, Sarawak are also said to be eyeing a Thai player, but the rumours have since died out.

Whatever it is, Rajagobal has been reported to be actively doing his homework since Sarawak appointed him as the coach for 2016, and it is quite certain that the new man is expected to confirm his new four foreign imports before the new year begins.