Sarawak may just re-sign Ivan Babic(left in photo above), whom they released last season.

The Croation is said to be high on the managements list following his familiarity with the Crocs and the way the team plays.

Our sources disclose that Ivan was previously offloaded due to fan pressure, but since the Crocs now have three foreign player slots to fill, with one being an Asian import, the Crocs may just turn to Ivan. Ivan scored three goals in the seven competitive games he played for Sarawak, and speaks the same language with midfielder Muamer Salibasic.

Last season, Ivan was released by the Crocs despite his hardwork on the field as fans gave their utmost support towards the retaining of Cameroonian Guy Bwele.

Nonetheless, Ivan kept close contact with Sarawak’s management and players, and is said to have a deadly partnership shall he be partnered with Muamer, whom naturally plays as an attacking midfielder.

Sarawak has been linked with numerous high-profile names including Dortmund newly signed defender, Manuel Friedrich, Indonesian striker, Titus Bonai, Australian striker, Ryan McGriffth and A-League striker Daniel Mcbreen.

Despite that, no foreign signings have been materialized so far with fans growing anxious over who will fill the empty slots available.

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