The president of the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM), Tunku Mahkota Johor (TMJ) Tungku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim is getting himself trolled online by the masses in the past 48 hours since his FB live session.

The trolls were mostly linked to his comments made during the recent Facebook Live session in which he made savage statements about several individuals including a very vocal football support group.

Malaysian football fans in general are largely divided on what TMJ had to say in the FB Live session, but there are some interesting trolls made by some creative fans on social media.

Due to the sensitivity of the trolls however, we will refrain from sharing any of them here because, well, we wouldn’t want to end up getting a call from Johor.

Anyway, if you are up to observe it all, check out major Malaysian football sports social media accounts, and you’d easily find these trolls being shared, or re-tweeted quite a bit.


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