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Terengganu II announced, T-Team FC demoted, Sarawak FA promoted?

T-Team says thank you on their FB page
T-Team says thank you on their FB page

T-Team FC has made it official that they will not ply their trade in the Liga Super next season after they confirmed that they are now rename as Terengganu II, and will play trade in the Liga Premier next season.

The move was made following a decision by top officials at the Football Association of the state of Terengganu (PBSNT), the football governing body in Terengganu, to re-organize football in the state, and overlook how Terengganu is represented in the Liga Malaysia next season. It is not a surprise move as PBSNT officials have been making media statements in recent weeks gearing towards the massive change which many saw as victimizing T-Team FC who just gained promotion to the Liga Super next season.

If PBSNT didn’t make such move, there would be two Terengganu football teams in the Liga Super next season, something deemed by many as a healthy condition for Terengganu, but unhealthy for the Liga Malaysia in general.

The exclusion of T-Team FC from the Liga Super now means that there is officially one vacant slot in the Liga Super to be filled, and three teams are said to be eligible to fill in the slot, namely Sarawak FA, PKNP FC and Pulau Pinang FA.

Unfortunately however, there is so far no official decision on how the slots would be filled, but we are made to understand that it is under the descreetion of the Football Malaysia Limited Liability Partnership (FMLLP) to decide on what happens next.

For now, what we know is a decision would be made after a meeting by the FMLLP Board of Directors this 23rd of November to decide on the situation.

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  1. Fas masih bodoh lagi…..nk memimpin …mesti kebal….tok mala jk xda duit…maka dato …x ptt xda duit…mun mcm kmk org tok ptt juak xda duit…hahaha.. Mun aku pangkat dato kah..aku jumpa cm…minta bilion2… Projek knk tok pun bilion2…. X ptt demi org swk xda bilion2…. Hahaha….

  2. Andai kekal di Liga Super kompom jadi Sand Bag (team belasan) tempat lubuk team kuat. Byk key player dah cabut, bagus main di Liga Perdana jak nyo nyo……😅😅😅😅😅😄😄

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