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Only one Terengganu team in Liga Super next season. Hope for Sarawak FA

There would only be one football team from Terengganu next season, and it could be neither T-Team FC or Terengganu FA as the new team would be a re-branded version which feature both teams.

This was made firm by the Terengganu State Football Association (PBSNT) Deputu President 1, Datuk Wan Nawawi Wan Ismail in a news report carried out by Harian Metro.

According to the daily, there would only be one team from Terengganu playing in the Liga Super next season, with the other playing in the second division Liga Premier, hinting a move equal to what Liga Super champions, JDT are doing currently.

According to Nawawi, the move was to reduce budget dependency on the Terengganu state government, as well as increase quality in Terengganu football, hence in a long run making Terenganu a football powerhouse in Malaysia, but admitted the move is still very much under discussion.

If the move however materializes, Sarawak FA who finished relegated in 11th position, stand to return to the Liga Super next season given the availability of one empty spot in the league.

However, there are also rumours that the Crocs may need to battle it out with Pulau Pinang FA, and Liga Premier teams who are placed in third and fourth position.

Personally, we feel that Sarawak FA would have a high task ahead if a play-off was done for the spot, especially given that they are set to lose quite a significant number of quality players in the coming transfer window.

p/s: Thank you Syaz Rizal for the head up on the news.



  1. Lebih puas hati mun nait dgn keupayaan team dikmpun tanpa nunggu belas dr org. Takut benda tok klak dipolah jd alasan… ‘kenak polen di liga super, xhal la…kmk org dolok pun nait semadi jak’…
    Kataku jak…

  2. Nk stay liga super duit pn dh x da nk main guna smua local 100% haha jdi belasahan ada la.. Ada RM30 ke 40 juta bleh fight liga super klu x da lupakn la jgn jdi mat Jenin jap lg bertmbh2 la HUTANG.

  3. Try dlok rsa ddk bwh..xboh arap glk nak main liga super…main liga super tp No. Bawah ja2 xgna juak…kasi cntik blit team bok kita main d liga super..

  4. Siboh jak playoff… mun Kita makei local… kita sik akan dpt bersaing dgn Penang pun sbb Sidak Ada byk player kebangsaan dlm team walaupun Sidak relegated…perak pknp pun player Sidak lebih berkualiti dari Kita… jgn nak Mimpi Kita akan Kekal Di super league mun semua local Sarawak yg main… that’s the FACT!!!!

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