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Terengganu FA first football team in Malaysia to get verified on social media

Terengganu FA might not be the biggest and most prestigious football team in Malaysia right now, but their social media team is doing things right after the team declared that they have gained verification (with the blue tick) for all their social media accounts.

Among the accounts they say have been verified are Facebook,Twitter, Vine, and Periscope, with only their Instagram account not being verified as till now.

The move makes Terengganu the first football team in Malaysia to become verified on four social media accounts. 

Verification on social media separates the real deal from the fakes, and it is not easy for Malaysians, or Malaysian football clubs to gain verification due to several obstacles, including the red tape placed by owners of these social media accounts.

Facebook as an example, does not offer the ‘blue tick’ verification to the public, and only those which are highly prone to identification theft, such as popular people are able to get verification.

A verified account shows that the account is the real account of the said organisation, and it separates the itself from the imitation accounts.

Aside from Terengganu, Selangor FA also has verification for their Twitter and Facebook account, but didn’t get one for other social media accounts.  



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