We ran a twitter poll a few days back, asking how fans felt about Sarawak FA finally confirmed as a Liga Premier team after being relegated from the Liga Super this season, and the results was mixed.

Out of the 608 who answered our poll on our official Twitter @SarawakCrocs, 54 percent, which represented about 328 individuals thought that they are happy that the Crocs were relegated to the Liga Premier.

The rest of the figure opted to say they weren’t, given the fact that we only allowed two answers for the question which you can see below.

On our Facebook, discussions seem to be leaning towards disgruntled fans who have been unhappy with how Sarawak performed sinced they won the Liga Premier in 2013.

Many seem to feel that The Crocs need to start fresh with a new team and a new plan, and build the team from the way up, while there is also quite a huge number who feels that the management is not doing it’s best to help the Crocs stay as a football powerhouse.

The poll we did on twitter, as well as the feedbacks were gathered from 1 – 6 December, and it was seen by some 47,000 of Sarawak football fans following us on Facebook, and some 15,000 of our twitter followers.