Influential defensive midfielder Shahrol Saperi would remain benched for the Sarawak clash against Kelantan tonight with Robert claiming that he will not want to risk a recurring injury.

The Dutchman said that Shahrol needs to get back his fitness and be match ready because his services would be needed when the Crocs face JDT and Selangor, which are considered two of the strongest teams in the Super League this season.

Shahrol’s place most likely would be filled by Sabri Sahar, the young Sabahan midfielder whom had impressed many during the friendly matches in pre-season.

The Crocs take on Kelantan tonight, with the game expected to be a massive game, in an explosive atmosphere. The Crocs however go in the game with several key injuries as Ivan Fatic and Iqbal Suhaimi has also been reported as being injured.

Source: Utusan Sarawak

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