This player review was made based on personal observations, and it is not in anyway supposed to be used to judge the players ability professionally. That said, this review is done for the fun of it by a fan, and his views of each player may differ accordingly.

Firdaus – 7
Started the match very shaky with school boy errors. As the match goes on, he gained confidence and did well to save Sabah’s shots on target. Throw his body on the line when he needed to. With that performance, he could remain as No 1 for next game. Definitely Man of The Match for the Crocs tonight. Well done!

SarawakCrocs Fantasy Premier League 2019/20

Sabre Abu – 5
Looked lethargic and slow off the pace during the game. Did not looked comfortable on the left side of defence. Shifted to the right in second half and looked more confident. Guilty of conceding the late penalty through unintentional handball.

Kim Chi Gon – 6
Won most of his aerial duel against Rhinos’ attackers. His aerial advantage is an asset to the Crocs. Limped a bit in the second half but managed to finish the game unscatched. Need to maintain his level of performance for Sarawak this season if we are going up to Super League.

Hairol Mokhtar – 5
Partnered well with Kim Chi in the center. Key clearance made by him in the first half. Taken off after suffering hamstring problem. Right after that, Sabah equalised.

Dzulazlan – 5
Covered the right flank well and won 1 to 1 duels. Unlucky with injury and got subbed in the second half. Average performance from him.

Nebojsa Marinkovic – 4
Dead weight to the team and did not provide enough creativity and key passes to the team. Very poor performance from an Import player. Gave away possession too much to count in the game. With that performance, the Serbian could find himself on the bench for next game.

Muzaimir – 5
Covered the midfield pretty well tonight. Threw off some careless tackles that results into his yellow card. Average performance.

Milos Raickovic – 5
Good enough to absorb the attacking movement from Sabah throughout the game. A number of bad tackles in the game. Shifted to center back after Hairol taken off injured. He did well to deputised in that position.

Abdul Rahim – 5
Covered the right flank well to initiate attacks. Sabah’s backline were too tight for him to manouvre attacking moves. Need more improvement from him for upcoming games.

Bobby Gonzales – 5
Initiated the goal in the first half. Apart from that, he struggled throughout the game. Marked tightly by Rawilson and hardly break the opponents’ defend.

Mateo Roskam – 5
Scored the only goal for the visitors tonight. Apart from flicks and headers, he did not contribute enough to provide victory for Sarawak. Need to be more disciplined as he started a scuffle as early as the 1st minute. Average performance from the Croatian.

Alif – 5
Deputised for Milos after the latter shifted to the back 4. Did not looked confident as there were poor touches.

Ramesh Lai – 5
Came in for Dzulazlan in the second half. At his natural position, fend of the attacks well. Looks like age is catching up for the veteran. Sarawak need to inject more fresh faces into the defend.

Nor Azizi – 5
Subbed in to replace Bobby late in the game. Not much impact from him.

Head Coach: Ian Gillan – 5
Should have killed the game when they were leading in the first half. To be honest, Sarawak’s game play did not have anything different from the previous games in previous season. He’ll be worried as 2 defenders taken out injured tonight ahead of the game against PDRM. Looking forward to see better performance from Sarawak.

All in all, Sarawak was lucky to escaped with 1 point from Likas tonight with an average performance. The last minute penalty was intense. Throughout the game, the referee performance is very questionable. A lot of decisions made were not spot on. Sarawak need to improve more if they looking to get promoted to the Super League. Spoken personally to the President after the match, and notified him the poor performance from our imports. With that kind of performance, its not surprising to see some of them will get the boot come the mid-season transfer window.

//Article contributed by Christian Entaban and all views are his own. This article was published with permission.


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