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Sabah makes Muamer move permanant

Sabah Football Association (SAFA) has made the move to sign Muamer Salibasic official by handing the former Sarawak striker a six month contract.

Muamer’s signature comes after the striker passed a medical check-up today, and a simple contract signing ceremony went on soon after after to finalized his move to the Liga Premier side.

When contacted by SarawakCrocs, Muamer was ecstatic over his return to the Malaysia League via Sabah, and hopes that he will be able to push the team to a better standing in the league. He also admitted that he was very happy to have signed for another Borneo team, saying he loves the environment here.

The Bosnian also admitted that he would like to make the Sabah fans happy by giving his all to his new club.

Muamer is considered a legend by some Sarawak football fans following his fantastic season with the Crocs in 2013, which saw him emerge the Crocs top scorer then, and helping the Crocs win the Liga Premier without being defeated.



  1. Slmat maju jaya muammer..for sabah fc..jngn di kenang agik barang yng dh lepas..pemain2 import dan pemain2 tempatan akan bertukar silih berganti dlm team Sarawak fa juga pda team2 negeri lain..sentiasa berfikiran positif…ada juak pkei menaikkan nma sabah..Sabah..brunei…Sarawak 1borneo….

  2. Sayang skali swk lepaskan salibasic tok. Sepakan kidalnya mmg deras dan bahaya. Kotan tek nak ngambik king kali nangar jd kong swk kenak nya. Apa2 pun goodluck buat salibasic….

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