Sarawak is desperate to land a new foreign import with the closing date to register a foreign import for the coming 2015 Malaysia League season closing this 5th December

According to our sources and Utusan Sarawak, the Crocs are now looking to sign Ronald Hikspoors (photo), a Dutch striker who failed to impress Robert Alberts last season.

The striker is said to be the Crocs preferred choice after our source told us that the Latvian international player Kaspars Gorkss has declined to sign with the Crocs although he has agreed on the perks and pay offered to him by Sarawak. Our source further added that the Latvian captain declined Sarawak FA on personal grounds.

Ronald has been playing with Dutch side MVV Maastricht following his failed trial with the Crocs last season, and his profile on Wikipedia has revealed that he is already part of the Sarawak set-up despite our sources unable to confirm such news just yet.

Nonetheless, the signing of Ronald looks very likely to happen, and the Crocs will therefore have three foreign strikers next season, hence making it difficult for any local players to be part of the Sarawak attacking force as the management would be tempted to play payers they are highly paying for.

We are unsure if this is the right move for Sarawak since hasty signing in the past have cost Sarawak dearly, and it would be very unwise for the Crocs to sign yet another foreign player, just to have him released mid-season.


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