Former Sarawak head coach Robert ALberts has revealed that he believes Sarawak can avoid the drop, but stated that he resigned because there was too much at stake. He added that he is willing to leave the team if that is what it takes for them to play better.

Robert who was the architect of the 2013 invincible team of Sarawak which won the Premier League by being undefeated also said that he he is proud of his players, and what he has achieved with Sarawak.

The Dutchman also said that he has a lot of respect for the local players of Sarawak as the coach mentioned Joseph Kalang and Shahrol Saperi. Robert also paid special tribute to Iqbal Suhaimi and Fadzley Rahim for playing very well, while giving special praise to countryman Ronald Hikspoors who had to be dropped due to a lengthy injury.

Robert will be replaced by Fuad Grbersic, a Bosnian who was in charge of the under 19 youth side.

Source: NST

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