Mark Hartmann: “The decision has been made”

Former Sarawak FA striker Mark Hartmann has no regrets playing for Sarawak FA, saying that he has gave his best to the team during his short stint.

The Filipino striker who netted seven goals for the Crocs in 15 games, told SarawakCrocs that he is aware fans are upset about the decision, but the whole thing was out of his hands, saying that “the decision was made”.

When asked to elaborate on his released, Mark commented that “football is a game of opinions”, and that everyone from the management, to the coaches and fans have their own opinion. Mark however noted that the fans in Sarawak have been amazing.

Mark also said that the highlight of playing with Sarawak FA was him being able to play in Malaysia, and that he liked meeting new team mates.

As a parting message, the 24-year old hoped the Crocs would be able to fight off relegation, and is fairly confident his former team mates would make it happen.

He also gave huge praise towards the football fans of Sarawak by saying they are “the best I’ve ever played in front of”.

Mark was signed in January by Sarawak FA to replace outgoing striker Ndumba Makeche, and was an instant hit among fans following his hard work on the pitch, coupled with some fantastic goals he produced, which included a PUSKAS worthy goal as seen below.

However, rumours of his departure soon surfaced in April following him starting from the bench in most matches, before he confirmed his departure this week.

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