Sarawak FA, better known as the Crocs took over the second spot in the Liga Premier yesterday after they defeated varsity boys UKM FC.

Playing at home, the Crocs wasted no time to gonl forward and was rewarded by Mateo Roslam who headed in the first goal of the match in the 40th minute.

Dzulazlan Ibrahim then doubled the score for the home side by scoring a screamer in the last minute of the first half.

After the breather, UKM scored their consolation goal in the… minute, but the goal proved useless to overcome the Crocs who defended well until full time.

The win gave the Crocs enough points to climb to second with neighbors Sabah unable to defeat their oppenent at home.

With the win, Sarawak FA move to second, with five points less than the current league leaders Felda United.

Sabah FA who drew with their opponent are however one point behind the Crocs.

The current position held by the Crocs has made fans stand up to notice the progress of the team which once went undefeated in the Liga Premier.

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