Sarawak Super League Schedule

The kick-off time for the final Liga Super match for all teams in the Liga Super has been syncronized to 9PM.

With the synchronization of all kick-off times, the kick off time fir the Sarawak FA vs T-Team FC would now be at 9PM, instead of the usual 8.15PM at Stadium Negeri.

Aside from the Sarawak FA vs T-Team match, other matches scheduled on the 28 October will not have their kick-off time rescheduled as they have already been set at 9PM.

The Liga Super has been won by JDT FC again this year, with all attention now shifted to the bottom of the league where all eyes wil be keen to see which of either Sarawak FA or Kelantan FA can avoid the humiliating drop to the Liga Premier next season. –



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