Junior Eldstal had said in a brief interview over ASTRO’s “Arena: Sorakan 12” that he came to Sarawak to reconnect with his Malaysian roots.
junior lEDSTAL
According to Eldstal, the choice of playing with Sarawak came when coach Robert Alberts used his contacts in England to contact him and further offered him a trial with the Crocs. The midfielder also revealed that he is still getting used to the hot and humid weather in Malaysia, but is excited with the prospect of playing for Sarawak.

Eldstal also said that he is more than willing to play for Malaysia, while saying that at his young age, such opportunity is not his utmost concern just yet, preferring to focus on getting into the first eleven of Sarawak first.

The tall midfielder was snapped up by Sarawak under the local player quota during the last transfer window, and has since created a buzz in Malaysia due to the fact that he previously had played in England. Eldstal is 21, and started his first match for the Crocs from the bench when Sarawak took on Kedah.

For those missing the interview, check out the video below.