Johor Darul Ta’zim 4 has offered Miri footballer Gabriel Nistelrooy a contract.

JDT4 is the under-19 side of JDT FC which had dominated the Liga Malaysia.

JDT4 is also part of the JDT-Valencia Academy which is heavily influenced by Valencia CF Academy in Spain.

According to the information we have obtained, the Iban lad is offered a one year deal but coaches are said to believe that he would be offered an extension shall he perform well at the academy.

Our source also said that Gabriel would sign the contract this Monday following the offer.

We were informed that Gabriel had already left his school, Kolej Vokassional Miri on January 9th to pursue his dream to be a professional football player with JDT4.

His coach, Hakimi Man, in a message to our representative told us that Gabriel is highly disciplined and and deserves the spot at JDT4.

He also informed us that Gabriel had left KV Miri and all his teachers at KV Miri had given their blessings for the Miri lad to succeed in football.

To us at SarawakCrocs, this is a momentous moment for Sarawak football as this shows that Sarawak isn’t without football talent.

Gabriel’s decision to play with JDT4 is also highly lauded as its a step forward considering the facilities and experience he would gain in such a well organised club.


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