It may be the fourth day of Hari Raya, but Fuad Grbersic is not taking time off as he has recalled the Sarawak football team back to training.

The Crocs today turn up for training with several familiar faces among the coaching staff, but the presence of newly appointed coach Fuad Grbersic would be something every eye would be watching.

Fuad recently complained to the management of the early Raya break the Sarawak players enjoyed with learning that several players have said they are slightly unsure about the appointment of Fuad.

The information we obtained was further strengthen with all players missing their first training a week ago, although a player we contacted said it was a case of ‘last minute decision’ and perhaps miscommunication.

Despite the hiccups however, Fuad seems determined to change the fortunes of the club and would be eager to show his capabilities as a coach.

Aside from Fuad, former Samarahan coach, and legendary Sarawak player Ibrahim Mentali has also been romped in by the Crocs as part of Sarawak’s new coaching staff.

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