President of the Football Association of Sarawak (FAS) has clarified that he is not able to obtain the club license for Sarawak FA as the report required by the football licensing board belongs to FAS FMG Sdn Bhd and not FAS, the association.

The company FAS FMG was a company managing FAS when Datu Sudarsono Osman was the President of FAS, in which he was also the chairman of FAS FMG.

According to an official statement by FAS, the current president of FAS, Dato Posa Majais can only approve and sign document which are directly affiliated to the FAS, and not the company FAS FMG as FAS FMG is no more involved in managing FAS.

The statement added that Sudarsono’s thoughts on football in Sarawak didn’t help the matter at hand though FAS admitted that Sudarsono had done a lot during his tenure as President.

Posa also stressed that FAS actually needs a full and proper audit report for the financial year of 2016, which can only be produced by FAS FMG, the company managing FAS then.

The audit, once produced and signed by those from FAS FMG, would then be submitted to the Football Malaysia Limited Liability Partnership (FMLLP) for approval to obtain the football club license.

It was also noted in the FAS statement that a financial report and audit for 2016 was previously produced by FAS FMG, but it was rejected by FMLLP on grounds that it wasn’t complete.

FAS on Saturday made football headlines after they announced their latest appeal for club licesing was declined by FMLLP and that Sarawak may not be eligible to play in the Liga Malaysia next season. – SarawakCrocs



  1. Why in the world only now that this issue were raised. Only after the licensing board rejected the application. It should be resolved once it was taken over & follow ups should be made along the way to make sure everything is in order. This blaming & pointing fingers only made the situation worst and for sure are affecting the current players. Bear in mind that we are in the professional league way back after the Bujang Senang era. Sit together and get back in track, not issuing statements trying to prove innocence. The players & supporters couldn’t care any less as this is the managements issue. Players just want to make a living playing football & the supporters passion are seeing this team fly high. This should not happened. My view may not be correct as I am only relying on the news broadcasted. If I am wrong than I apologize.

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