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Fans start campaign to retain Aidil in Sarawak

The Sarawak FA fans have taken it into their own hands to show they want third choice Sarawak goalkeeper, Aidil Mohammad to be retained in the squad next season.

Checks online show that a Facebook page named “Kami Mahu Aidil Mohd Dikekalkan with not less than 600 ‘Likes’ have been set-up for the cause with many comments saying that Sarawak should retain its best local goalkeeper.

Aidil who was vital during the reign of Haji Zaki, was a frequent face between the post when Sarawak was playing in the lower leagues of Malaysia. He further helped Sarawak gain entry back into the Premier League but somewhat fell out of favour when Sarawak’s current coach Robert Alberts too over.

He only made one appearance this season but showed sensational performance, earning him praise nationwide with local media comments praising Sarawak for having ‘good local back-up goalkeepers’.

Nonetheless, there has been rumours on social media claiming that the game against Terengganu was actually the last game for Aidil in the Sarawak squad as the 31 year old would be dropped next season to make way for a younger goalkeeper.

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