We can’t help wonder why there is no official announcement of the head coach and assistant coach for Sarawak FA by the Football Association of Sarawak (FAS) after the association announced the coaching staff for the Piala Presiden and Piala Belia teams a few weeks ago.

Perhaps it’s an oversight, but FAS was building towards naming them recently on their Facebook page. Maybe it’s a marketing strategy we don’t understand, but for now, its an open secret who the coaches are.

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With Mohd Farhan Abdullah @ Anai Igang now somewhat confirmed as the head coach, the question of his assistant does come to mind.

Today we had been informed by a source that former Sarawak FA head coach, David Usop is assisting Anai Igang with the Sarawak team.  He is said to be the assistant head coach of Sarawak.

This means that both coaches, previously named by a source to us in this article, is now leading Sarawak for the Liga Premier 2019 challenge.

The combination of both Anai and David is interesting to us as both coaches are well experienced under coaches like K Rajagobal and Robert Alberts.  Anai also has the Piala Sarawak championship under his list of achievements while David had saved Sarawak from relegation twice.

Both Sarawakians are expected to mold the current Sarawak team into a fierce team in the Liga Premier with FAS likely to hope that the team can move to the Liga Super in 2020 to avoid up-coming Kuching FA which should have no problem to get promoted next season.

Will the Anai – David team work? Time will tell.

We just hope FAS would be more patient with these coaches if things do not go as plan.