The Football Association of Sarawak (FAS) President, Dato Posa Majais has warned the Sarawak FA players and coaching staff that the body is prepared to take drastic measures shall the team continue to under-perform.

Posa’s comments came after the Crocs were defeated by JDT FC II on Monday.

Media friendly Posa said that he is utterly disappointed with the recent results and wanted the players and coaches to take the team’s progress seriously.

Posa also added that he doesn’t want to hear excuses for the recent poor run and FAS had never neglected to oversee the team’s achievement.

Visibly unhappy with the latest back-to-back defeats, Posa also said that if the results continue to decline, FAS would not hesitate to make a major reshuffle in the team.

The Crocs now sit at 7th in the Liga Premier, and desperately need a win to keep their hopes for promotion to the Liga Super alive.

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