The Crocs, under new head coach K. Rajagobal, has promoted more local Sarawakians to their senior squad this season, while retaining players which were already called to serve the team at the later stages of the Malaysian League last season.

According to the team list released by the Football Association of Sarawak (FAS), the Crocs have promoted four of its President Cup/Youth team players to the senior squad this time around with the likes of Mohd Hafiz Saperi, Mohd Alif Hassan, Rodney Celvin and Florian Rison Laes making the cut.

Aside from the four, another two other local Sarawakian youngsters whom were called to play for the senior squad last season by interim coach Fuad Grbersic, had also sealed their place in the senior team with Nur Shamie Iszuan Amin and Tommy Mawat both now permanent members of the Sarawak main team.

The inclusion of more Sarawakian youngsters in the squad brings the current Sarawak squad to have 14 players from Sarawak itself, with the rest being imports from outside of the state.

Based on the team of 28, ten players are local imports, while another four are foreign imports.

Fans of the Crocs have in recent years highlighted the lack of exposure given to local Sarawakian yougsters in the Sarawak senior team, and hence making the inclusion of more young players from Sarawak itself in the senior team this time around a positive thing for Sarawak football.

To see the full list of Sarawak players, go to this link.


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