The Football Association of Sarawak (FAS) today announced that they are moving their official Facebook page to a new page.

According to the announcement made, the move is due to ‘technical reasons’.

No detailed specifications were given.

The new page is called Sarawak FA Official – Ngap Sayot, and the handle is “AyuhSarawakKu”.

The new Sarawak FA page.

From a social media perspective, the change of Facebook page would definitely hurt FAS as they would need to work hard or spend more money to grow followers at the new page.

However, from a branding perspective, we personally feel that the handle “AyuhSarawakKu” will hurt the team’s brand which is already confused with so many different names.

Anyway, we aren’t branding experts, nor are we social media experts, so probably FAS does have a good reason in introducing the changes.

Either way, do follow us at SarawakCrocs on Facebook for news on Sarawak football and more.

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