Kuching FA secured a place in the second round of the Piala FA after defeating Real Chukai of Terengganu 2-0 at Stadium Negeri today.

Kuching FA, playing their very first Piala FA game started the game strongly and went on an offensive mode to search for an early lead.

The City of Unity finally broke the deadlock when Ahmad Shakri scored a beautiful goal iin the 30th minute.

Moments after that, Kuching FA should have doubled the score when they were awarded a penalty kick, but the kick didn’t go in.

In the second half, Kuching FA doubled their attacking flair and their efforts were decently rewarded with Shahfitri scoring the second goal of the game with a minute to play.

The goal killed off any effort from Real Chukai to fight on, giving the City of Unity their first win of the season, and a chance to go further in the Piala FA.

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